Formed on 26/10/14 at A-893, Indira Nagar, Lucknow

Minutes of meeting
1. The working committee will handle the loans which will be given out to people who are to get housing for urban poor from the District Urban Development Agency and Lucknow Development Authority.
2. The committee will also be responsible for repayments. It’ll use collective moral authority to ensure repayments. Written records will be maintained by it.
3. The loans will be interest-free.
4. Some fines may be imposed if there is an excessive delay in repayment.
5. The working committee will be the main decision-making body and advisory committee will assist in decision making.
6. The activity will be purely driven by volunteers. There will be no office or staff.
7. Once housing problem is solved then money will be used to give out loans to people associated with Socialist Mazdoor Sabha for other needs, like to enhance business, for medical treatment or to meet marriage expenses, etc.
8. Bank Account will be operated by the President and two Vice Presidents (on 2 out of 3 basis).

Advisory Committee
1. Shehla Ghanim, Social Activist
2. Naveen Tewari, Entrepreneur (Furniture and building)
3. Sudhakar Reddy, Entrepreneur (Homeopathic medicines and catering)
4. Rohit Gupta, Entrepreneur (Software)
5. Alok Singh, IT expert
6. Mudit Shukla, Indian Oil engineer

Working Committee
1. Munnalal (Stone cutter, SC), President
2. Dhanpati (Labourer), Vice President
3. Zeenat (Labourer), Vice President
4. Ziauddin (Labourer), Secretary
5. Babu Pandit (Fruit vendor), Treasurer
6. Asha Valmiki (Sweeper, SC)
7. Khwahish Warsi (Dholak maker)
8. Ashok (Stone cutter, SC)
9. Naseem (Labourer)
10. Mohammed Hussain Ansari (Vendor, Rickshaw puller)

Details of loans disbursed and donation received can be viewed here.

Dr. Sandeep Pandey, Founder, Asha Trust and National Vice-President, Socialist Party (India)