Update on Yatra From Rajghat, Delhi to Goalpara Assam

Dear Friends, 

The Rajghat, Delhi to Goalpara, Assam Yatra by bus reached Patna on 25 February, Tuesday. It started from Rajghat on 23/2 at around 12:30-1 pm and as soon as it entered Aligarh border it was asked to return to Delhi by the UP police. Upon telling them that our objective was to reach the detention centre in Goalpara and that we were not interested in holding meetings in UP, we requested them to let us cross the Bihar border, to which they agreed.

The yatra stopped on 23-24 Feb. night in Kanpur and by next night it was already in Bihar. The Yatra which was scheduled to be in UP for 4 days has reached Patna 2 days ahead of schedule and the first meetings at anti-CAA/NRC/NPR dharna sites in Patna were held on 25 February evening. 

The yatra will address a press conference in Patna on 26 February at 11 am and then proceed to Khagria, Balia, Jalkaura, Bihpur and hopes to reach Goalpara on 28 February when a human chain will be formed around the detention centre there. After that, it will return to Delhi to address the emergency situation created there due to violence. Most yatris are from Delhi and wanted to return sooner but it was decided today that we should finish the yatra as soon as possible (according to original schedule it was to reach Goalpara on 2 March) and then return.

The yatris include Faisal khan, Syed Tehseen Ahmed, Sahil Ahmed, Jawed Malik,  Azam Malik, Mohammad Chand and Kartik Arora all from Delhi, Bilal Kagzi from Gujarat, Kripal Singh Mandloi from MP, Javeed Chopan from Jammu & Kashmir, Balwant Yadav from Haryana, Dharamveer Singh and Mukhtiyar Singh from Punjab, Shiv Kumar and Maya Raj from Tamil Nadu, Suresh Bhai, Ahmed Iqbal, Sandeep Pandey all from UP.

To get in touch with us call Faisal Khan at 9999746196.

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