The Interim Budget is a fraud with hard-working public

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2 Feb. 2019

Press Release

The Interim Budget is a fraud with hard-working public

The interim budget presented yesterday in the Lok Sabha is another big fraud of the Modi government with the farmers, the unemployed and the labourers. The farmers all over the country want guaranteed remunerative prices for their produce, but the Modi government shirked that responsibility. Instead it has given a lollypop of Rs. 6000 per year to the marginal peasants. The government has maintained studied silence on the most urgent problem of employment generation. Crores of youth are asking for job and means of lively hood. Modi has totally disappointed them as he did in the last 5 years. The pension scheme to unorganized labour is misleading. An ordinary laborers in market will have to pay Rs. 100 per month for thirty years to get entitlement to Rs. 3000 on attaining sixty years of age. It is, in fact, a cruel joke to the most hard working people of the country.
The election-eve budget of the Modi government has showered many tax concessions on the
middle classes so that they can create an atmosphere in favour of Modi in the coming Lok Sabha election.
The Socialist Party appeals all the voters to teach a fit lesson to this jumla wali Government through the weapon of their vote.

Pannalal Surana
Senior Member
National Executive

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