The Finance Minister of Telangana Sends Five People to Umrah Every Year. What is the Source of Funds?


The Finance Minister

Government of Telangana


Dear Finance Minister,

Sub: The Finance Minister of Telangana sends 5 people to Umrah every year. What is the source of funds?

We urge you to clarify to the people of Telangana the following:

1.What is the source of funds for sending 5 people of Siddipet every year for Umrah?  [Umrah being an optional private religious engagement of Muslims to go to Makkah, Saudi Arabia if one has the capacity to do so by way of wealth and health.]

The source of information is given below and is available in the public domain and in the press:

 2. Secondly, this ‘felicitation’ of those returning from Umrah was conducted in an official place as the TMS Accountant board is seen to your right.  Is it permissible that a religious ‘felicitation’ gathering be held in a governmental premises?

We urge you to promptly give the above two clarifications so that we are able to focus on the fundamentals that concern every citizen, viz., strengthening government schools, government hospitals, robust public transport, a pollution-free environment, and a society free from communalism and corruption.


Dr Lubna Sarwath,

State General Secretary, Socialist Party (India)

Janab Maqbool Ahmad,

President, United Citizens Forum Hyderabad

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