Yogi Cannot Continue as Chief Minister

Yogi Cannot Continue as Chief Minister

The Preamble to our Constitution specifically states that India is a Secular; Socialist State. The Supreme Court of India has held that “Secularism” is the basic feature of our Constitution and any state government which fails in upholding this basic feature has no right to continue. In fact in Bommai Case, the Supreme Court upheld […]

Update from the field

People in Jaunpur district came out on streets to demand implementation of Allahabad High Court order of 18th August 2015 that children of all government staff, elected representatives, judiciary must compulsorily study in government schools. They handed a memorandum to District Magistrate of Jaunpur of their demands.

Non Implementation of HC order by UP Government

WHY THE UP GOVERNMENT IS NOT KEEN ON IMPLEMENTING THE HC ORDER MAKING IT COMPULSORY FOR CHILDREN OF ALL RECEIVING GOVERNMENT SALARIES TO SEND THEIR CHILDREN TO GOVERNMENT SCHOOLS On 18th August, 2015 the High Court at Allahabad had instructed the Uttar Pradesh Government to implement within six months an order making it compulsory for […]