Press Statement from Justice Rajindar Sachar

Press Statement from Justice Rajindar Sachar

Press Statement: 02/06/2016 Justice Rajindar Sachar, Former President of People Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL) has issued the following statement: On the eve of Prime Minister Visit to U.S.A he has to deal with an embarrassing human right situation at Home. Vadodara Municipal Corporation under its demolition drive had promised Muslims living in area of […]


Hardly two months back nobody would have thought that PM Narendra Modi’s authority would be questioned by ordinary university students on campuses. The campaign which brought Modi to power in Delhi was so high profile that in the initial period of his prime ministership an atmosphere was created in which, what to talk of common […]

BJP government should apologize for downplaying the Xmas

The clumsy action of Ministry of H.R.D. to downplay the significance of Birthday of Christ by declaring December 25, 2014 as “Good Governance Day” and purporting to hold various activities in the Universities, College, Schools’ must be deprecated. BJP is welcome to celebrate its senior leader and former prime minister Shri Atal Behari Vajpayee’s birthday, […]