Dear Friends,

Socialist Party(India)- Telangana Unit, invites you cordially, to participate in brainstorm session on ”60 crores passed in 2018-19 budget for ‘Dawat-e-Iftar & Christmas Feast” by Telangana Assembly’ – VIP lounge cum mass Iftar at Fateh Maidan by CM/govt of telangana & at 800 masjids across ghmc/Telangana’

Date: 2 June 2018, Saturday, 3-5pm,

Venue: at Media Plus, Opp SBI Gunfoundry, Hyderabad

About: Telangana Legislative Assembly passed budget of Rs.60 crs for ‘Dawat e Iftar & Christmas Feast’ for 2018-19 under ‘Minority Welfare’ head.

Well, there is no Government Order on official website about government’s mass-cum-VIP dawat e iftar at Fateh maidan to be held on 8june2018, but below news items indicate that.

Deputy CM press announcements about 8 june 2018 iftar:
– 7000 guests at fateh maidan, with 1,000 in VIP lounge;
– iftaar and dinner both are being served;
– 12 lac people will be given clothes across state;
– 400 masjid in ghmc area and 400 masjid in districts will hv iftaar with dinner on same day 8 june;
– 15 crores have been released for this;


Is this how we want ‘minority welfare’/public funds to be spent?

Has governance at Hyderabad/Telangana fulfilled all basic needs of citizens and empowered them?

what is the message that govt is sending to the public with such extravaganza through public money?

Please do participate. We look forward to have an informed and conscious citizenry.

Dr Lubna Sarwath, General Secretary, Socialist Party(India)-Telangana Unit
Shri Gopal Patangay, Vice President, Socialist Party(India)-Telangana Unit

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