Solar Lamps from NIRD for Kerala Flood Relief & Rehabilitation

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Press Release
Hyderabad, 28 August 2018


The Director General

National Institute of Rural Development-NIRD



Dear Sir,

Sub: Solar Lamps from NIRD for Kerala Flood Relief & Rehabilitation

Ref: Representation from Socialist Part(India)-Hyderabad – attached

We would like to procure solar lamps assembled/manufactured by or under supervision of NIRD, for supply to lower economic class of Kerala flood affected.

We are in touch with Kerala Dam Safety Officer who is speaking to the secretary of Kerala Government today.

We are trying to ensure complete transparency in the entire supply chain so that all solar lamps reach the genuine needy and also to uphold sanctity of public funds. Money is being raised thru public donations in terms of number of lamps and not in terms of cash.

We would like to meet you in this regard for your suggestions and cooperation. We urge you to give us your earliest convenient time.


General Secretary & Spokes Person,

Socialist Party(India)-Telangana



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