2 Feb. 2019

Press Release

Socialist Party’s Salute to George Fernandes

The Socialist Party salutes and pays homage to George Fernandes. Notwithstanding his deviation in later days in aligning with communalist forces, his services to the working classes and commoners are worthy of recognition and salutation. Giving up his training as priest, George Fernandes plunged in to trade union movement of Mumbai as a young socialist. He organized sweepers and others municipal employees, enthused them to courageously combat with the authorities and win solid benefits. He also organized hawkers and other domestic servants who secured honorable conditions of doing business.
He had lead transport workers of BEST and the Maharshtra State Transport who received honorable settlements like weekly holidays which meant one more employee after every six workers. In 1967, he aroused confidence of common voters, who defeated SK Patil, the uncrowned King of Mumbai. That inspired youths all over the country. Fernandes had participated in Kutch Satygrah in 1969 to oppose international award. His brave fight against dictatorial rule of Indira Gandhi during Emergency (1975-77 ) was also memorable. As railway minister he helped perform engineering wonders called Kokan Railway. As defense minister he won Kargil war along with the hearts of the Jawans posted at Siachin.
He was also a institutions builder. Bombay Labour Co-operative Bank which helped taxi men and rikshaw pullers to own their vehicles and save themselves from the clutches of private moneylenders.
The Socialist Party pays homage to the inspiring memories of socialist struggle George Fernandes.

Pannalal Surana
Senior Member
National Executive

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