Socialist Party (India) Strongly Condemns Violence in JNU and Calls for Justice

The Socialist Party (India) and the Socialist Yuvajan Sabha strongly condemn the mindless violence that took place at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) on Sunday evening. It is clear from reports and eye-witness accounts that this was a well-orchestrated attack carried out by a mob armed with sticks and metal rods, against student union members and faculty who have been protesting against the recent fee-hike at the institution. Reports also suggest that the security staff on campus, as well as the Delhi police, did little to stop the rampage and instead appeared to be abetting the violence. Several social activists, students and journalists who reached the campus on hearing of these events were manhandled and abused by a large crowd of people gathered outside. Cries of “shoot those who betray the country!”, were heard from this crowd.

Such a complete breakdown of law and order in the country’s capital, on the campus of one of its most renowned institutions, which by all indications was perpetrated by forces affiliated with the ruling party, is indicative of the absolute impunity and high-handedness with which our central government is currently functioning. Desperate to steamroll the implementation of their fascist, divisive, anti-constitutional agenda for our country, they are actively working to eliminate all dissent and strike fear in the hearts of those who don’t share their impoverished conception of what it means to be Indian. At such a time, it becomes more important than ever that we raise our voices against these repeated violations of our country’s laws and founding values.

In light of the events at JNU, as well as the state violence which has occurred in preceding weeks, we demand that:
• Amit Shah, the Minister for Home Affairs, render his immediate resignation.
• JNU Registrar Pramod Kumar and the Vice-Chancellor M. Jagadesh Kumar take moral responsibility for the violence and resign immediately.
• An independent judicial enquiry be conducted into the incident.
• Action be taken against the police officers who failed to act against the miscreants and manhandled activists.

Niraj Singh, President, Socialist Yuvajan Sabha
Syed Tahseen Ahmad, President (Delhi), Socialist Party (India)
Phone: +91-99119-70162 (Niraj Singh) | website: | Twitter: @spiinfo

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