Socialist Party (India) protests against rising inflation in Pune

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Since BJP government came to power the inflation level is steadily increasing in our country. While the crude oil prices were steadily falling in the international market, government of India, instead of passing the due benefit to the people, however, kept retail fuel prices at the high level. The reason for India’s high fuel prices is quite clear. Taxes constitute 45%-52% of the retail price of auto fuels, far higher than what would be the incidence if petrol and diesel are brought under introduced Goods and Services Tax (GST) and the highest tax rate of 28% is levied. Moreover Education, Health, Medicine, Electricity, transport costs are steadily rising. The common woman and man is totally hit by government’s anti-people dictates. The government took no action to alleviate the pain of inflation.

Socialist Party (India) Pune unit organized a massive demonstration at Deep Bungalow Chowk againsts raising inflation and unemployment. SPI cultural team performed few songs at the occasion. SPI Maharashtra state general Secretory Alka Joshi, SPI Pune city President Adv. Santosh Mhaske, SPI Pune city Secretory Shrikrishna Kulkarni and Shakuntala Bhalerao were present in the protest. Adv. Mhaske said, “BJP-Sena government is no different than earlier Congress-NCP government. On the one side farmers are not getting their due returns on the crops, farmers suicide is on the rise and on the other hand government is spending senselessly on metro project and bullet trains only for the benefits of big corporates.” Alka Joshi added ” Modi government made big promises in election campaign. Now people know that it was just empty sloganeering. We saw a lot of advertisement ‘bahot hui mehengai ki maar, ab ki baar Modi sarkar’ but Modi government policies are no different. Prices of domestic goods have exploded.”

Party workers shouted slogans, cultural team performed few songs. Socialist Yuvjan Sabha, Student wing of SPI, activists were also present at the occasion in the large numbers.

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