Socialist Aikyavedi Meeting (June 28-29, 2014), Kozhikkode, Kerala

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The Socialist Aikyavedi had organized a meeting of former socialists at Kozhikkode during June 28-29, 2014. The Socialist Aikyavedi has been working with the goal of uniting all splinter socialist groups in the state of Kerala for the last 7 years. During the past the Socialist Aikyavedi had organized several such meetings in various cities in Kerala with a view to spread the message of the necessity for the unity among various splinter groups working in the state. After several rounds of such meetings, it has now come out with a document in which the present social and political condition existing in the state has been analyzed thoroughly. This analysis has been performed in the background of the most recent trends of national politics. The document has highlighted the glorious past of the Indian socialist movement. The document has also highlighted the reasons for the failure the socialist movement after the death of Dr. Lohia. Based on the historical perspective, the necessity of a strong Socialist movement in the country has been delineated in the document. For this purpose the concept of equality has been explained in detail with all its facets. The necessity for taking forward the ideology of equality in the new globalized era has been highlighted. With out the support of a renewed and updated socialist ideology, all attempts to bring in socialist unity will be futile. Fight against caste system cannot go alone with out a concomitant fight against the new globalized capitalism and imperialism. This fight will be fruitful only if there is a sustained fight against the onslaught of modern technology. Modern capitalism and imperialism is using the ever renewed technology as their weapon to subjugate the people of countries like India. Therefore fight for the annihilation of caste should go hand in hand with the fight against capitalism, imperialism and their imperialist technology. In the absence of such a comprehensive ideology all attempts to rebuild the socialist movement will be futile. It is because of the absence of such a comprehensive socialist ideology, all earlier attempts made in the direction of socialist unity had failed. The various socialist parties/ groups/ organizations working now have become pall (coffin) bearers
With this background the meeting of the Socialist Aikyavedi held at Kozhikkode had discussed the various strategies to be adopted for rebuilding the socialist movement. It has choked out a 35 point programme of action encompassing all the realms of social life and in accordance with the seven revolutions propounded by Dr. Lohia. A programme for rebuilding the socialist movement with the support of seven pillar organizations (which are tributaries of the Socialist Aikyavedi) has been evolved. The seven organizations are: 1. Gram Samrakshana Samiti (for the protection of village community life), 2. Janadhipathya Samrakshana Samiti (for the protection of democracy), 3. Organization for the annihilation of castes , 4. Bharatiya Bhasha Mandalam ( for the protection and promotion of Indian Languages), 5. Bharatiya Mahila Mandalam ( for fighting the atrocities against women), 6. Organization for decentralization of power, and 7. Organization for upholding the right to civil disobedience and affirmative action. Towards the end of October, all these seven organizations will become functional. They will start dialogue with Ambedkarites, Gandhians, Organizations and groups fighting for justice with a one point programme like those fighting against Coca Cola Factory at Plachimada, those fighting agains Neeta Gelatin Plant near Chalakkudy , those fighting for implementation of Gadgil recommendations regarding Granite and sand mining etc. Attempts will be made to evolve strategies to create new space in realms of art, theatre, cinema and related cultural activities. With out the support of such frontal organizations, the effort to rebuild the socialist movement will not be meaningful. A political party or organization should be capable of representing the aspirations of the majority of population. Eventually the popular support has to be converted to votes. Hence intervention in electoral politics is also an essential ingredient.

The Meeting was inaugurated by Com. Raghu Thakkur (President of Lokthantrik Samajwadi Party). He had emphasized on the need for unity among socialist groups to break the new bond against the fanatic Hindutua ideology proposed by Narendra Modi and the corporate capitalism. The corporate capitalists have found a savior in Modi. Only socialists could fight against this new alliance. Communists have failed miserably. He also narrated the he had made towards uniting the warring socialist groups during the last 20 years. He announced that he will be ready to accept any such attempts towards unity among socialists. Dr. Prem Singh, General Secretary of Socialist Part (India) narrated the efforts he and Com. Bhai Vaidya had made for unifying socialist groups. He emphasized the need for widening the net of socialist ideology to realms of art and culture. Dr. K. Sreekumar, President of the Socialist Aikyavedi presided over the meeting. Adv. N. M. Varghese, Secretary, Socialist Aikyavedi explained the process of evolving appropriate strategies for attaining the goal of socialist unity. He emphasized the need for a social engineering for the purpose. Veteran Socialist leaders like N. K. Gangadharan, Thakidi Krishnan Nair (KSRTC Labour Union), Balaraman Nambiar, Adv. S. Rajasekharan Nair (President Socialist Party India , E. K. Sreenivasan (Secretary, Socialist Party India), Vijayaraghavan Chelia, George Jacob (Convener, RSD), Adv. M. K. Premnath (former MLA) etc. participated in the discussions. The meeting was attended by representatives from all the districts of Kerala except Pathanamthitta and Wynad. The meeting ended with a positive note towards carrying out the efforts for unifying the socialist groups at the national level. Com. Raghu Thakkur and Dr. Prem Singh have given words to this extent.

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