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Respected Chairperson and Sathi,

As you all are aware that formation of Socialist Yuvjan Sabha (SYS) as a youth front of Socialist Party (India), was announced at a meeting of National Council of SPI which was held at New Delhi on 21st August 2011. I was entrusted the responsibility to lead SYS. Neeraj Singh,Niranjan Mahato, Dr. Hemlata and George Jecob were declared as the members of the national executive of SYS. SYS started it’s functioning immediately

1. Letter to the national council of SPI:

I wrote a personal letter to all the members of the national council of SPI on 5th Sept.11 to send me names of at least 5 youths from their states whom I can inclued in the national council of SYS or can entrust the responsibility of establishing state units. I have received positive responses from Delhi, Bihar, Maharashtra, Gujarat, W.Bengal, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh. I appeal to all the members to send me the names at the earliest.

2. SYS Committee for Delhi state:

A 11 member ad hoc committee of SYS for Delhi state was formed on 18th Sept. 2011 in a meeting of SPI workers at Delhi. Dr. Sandeep Yadav is theincharge, Shashank Bhardwaj and Ajay Kumar are nominated conveners and Jayant Kashap, Sumit Saurav, Sachchidanand Singh, Anup Tiwari, Yashwant, Rajeev Kumar, Amit Kumar, Dr.Kunal and Nikhil Pandey are the members.

3. Free Heart check up camps in slums on the eve of World Heart Day:
– 25th Sept. 2011 Ghorpade Peth slum, Pune
– 2nd Oct. 2011 Lohiyanagar slum, Pune
Both the camps were mainly organized in collaboration with Arogya Sena and Sahriday, a public forum for prevention of heart diseases, both the organizations are headed by Dr.Vaidya. In both the camps a team of 5 doctors guided by Dr.Vaidya examined around 400 patients, 300 ECG’s and 350 blood sugar levels were done. All the heart, blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetic patients were given medicines worth Rs. One lac. All this was done totally free. Patients who required further investigations like ECHO, TMT, Coronary Angiography or further treatments like Angioplasty or heart surgeries were extended substantial financial assistance. Around 60 volunteers of SYS, Arogya Sena, Sahriday made both the camps a great success. Both the camps were attended by office bearers of SPI-Maharashtra and Pune.

4. Organising Satyagriha andolan between 2nd Oct. to 12th Oct. 2011
– 7th Oct. 2011 at S.M.Joshi Statue, Pune
– 9th Oct. 2011 at Senapati Bapat State, Pune
Both the Satyagriha dharna’s were lead by Dr.Abhijit Vaidya and were attended by Pune based Maharashtra Party and Pune city party officebearers along with Arogya Sena members.

5. SYS’s protests against Shivsena and Maharashtra Nav Nirman Sena:
SYS made a strong protest against Bal Thackrey’s inflammatory speeches against non-maharashtrians and Raj Thakare’s violent agitation against Bihari and Utter Pradeshi auto-rickshaw drivers in Mumbai in Oct.2011.

6. SYS extends help to SPI’s Maharashtra state council meet:
SYS, Pune extended all its co-operation to SPI Pune unit to organize SPI’s Maharashtra State council’s meeting on 27th Sept. 2011 at Pune.

7. SYS Bihar State meeting, Patna:
Arogya Sena had a Bihar state conference on 16th Oct.2011 at Patna. This conference was chaired by Dr.Vaidya and was attended by many veteran socialists and around 250 volunteers. The main co-ordinators were Indiraraman Upadhyay, Sachidanand Sing and Adv.Ranjit Mandal. In the second half of the conference a meeting of SYS was held. A large number of youths of Arogya Sena have also decided to work for SYS.A state committee will be formed soon.

8. SYS Pune – Pimpari Chinchwad
A meeting of SYS workers was held on 22nd Oct. 2011 at Pune. It was chaired by Dr.Vaidya. A 10 member committee for Pune and Pimpari-Chinchawad was formed. Manoj Mane was elected as President, Amar Pol as Gen.Secretary, Ms.Shradha Bahirat as secretary and Dr.Nitin Nalawade, Balasahed Lashkare, Ganesh Babar, Ms.Varsha Jambhale, Ms.Pooja Bahirat, Darshan Gadiya and Rajesh Vaidya are the members. First meeting of the newly formed committee was held on 2 nd Nov 2011 and was chaired by Dr Vaidya. Pune – PCMC unit has decided following action programme:
A. Miserable state of hostels and canteens in the colleges and hostels for backward students.
B. Frequent changes of Pune Uiversity’s Vice Chancellor
C. Quality control on paper checking
D. Quality control on teaching
E. Anti ragging commando squad of SYS
F. Anti privatization of education drive
G. Yearly elocution competition for under graduate college students and trophy

9. SYS-Uttar Pradesh:
Arogya Sena is inaugurating a Uttar Pradesh state branch on 6th Nov.2011 at the hands of Dr. Vaidya at Lucknow. Around 60 youths from UP will undergo Arogya Sena’s crash course. After this all these members will hold a meeting for formation of SYS-UP unit and will participate into SPI’s state conference.

10. SYS – Kashmir:
Arogya Sena is holding Kashmir unit’s meeting on 12th Nov.2011 at Srinagar and a free health camp at Bandipora, Kupwar district on 13th Nov.2011. Dr.Vaidya is visiting Srinagar along with 2 central committee members. Arogya Sena has around 100 highly qualified volunteers in Kashmir valley. Many of these volunteers have expressed their interest in SYS. Dr.Vaidya will assess the possibility of establishing SYS-Kashmir in his visit.

11. SYS National Conference:
SYS has decided to hold a national conference on 18th Dec. 2011, Sunday at Pune. The conference will be held at Sane Guruji Smarak, Rashtra Seva Dal.

I appeal to all the Sathi’s to motivate maximum number of youths eager to work with SYS, to come to Pune on 18th Dec. 2011. A 10 member reception committee has been formed. Dr.Nitin Ketkar is the chairman of this committee. More details about the national conference will be personally communicated by me on 6th Nov. 2011.

Dr Abhijit Vaidya,

National President, SYS

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