Principles of Socialist Party (INDIA)

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Principles of Socialist Party (INDIA)

1) All human beings are equal. Discrimination and divisions based on caste, religion, gender, nationality, ethnicity, age, qualification etc. are human created concepts. Socialist Party (India) considers elimination of inequality and prevailing of a sense of justice in society, among human beings as its main objective.

2) All human beings have an equal right to the natural resources of the earth. Natural resources should be used to meet the needs of the human race and not to earn profit. We believe that human being, the last arrival on earth, is embedded in nature and will survive only when the nature thrives.

3) The purpose of economic policy should be to provide employment to all and GDP growth should be a result of employment generation and equitable distribution of resources. The income of the working class, which includes farmers, labourers and artisans, should not be less than those in the business and service sectors of the economy. According to the Lohia’s tenets, the ratio of lowest and highest income should not be more than 1:10. Instead of defining below poverty line we should rather set the upper income line.

4) Individual enterprise and innovation should be encouraged keeping in mind overarching socialist principles. Trusteeship principle of Mahatma Gandhi should prevail over the idea of private ownership.

5) Education and healthcare should be equal and free of cost for all.

6) Food, clothing, housing, water, energy, communication and transportation, the basic needs of each family, should also be taken care of.

7) The security of people should be based on mutual trust and not on weapons and violence. We dream of a world which is free of arms and ammunition.

8) Production and consumption processes should be sustainable, low-carbon, and non-polluting. The principle of ‘Reduce-Recycle-Reuse’ should be the basis of human activities. Socialist Party (India) likes to describe itself as the green party of India.

9) We envision a world free from alcoholism, tobacco and drugs abuse.

10) We want to build a society which is free of political and administrative corruption.

11) Socialist Party (India) believes in promoting rational thinking.

12) We need to ensure that we are not straying away from the enshrined principles in our constitution’s preamble.

13) All laws made during English regime should be abolished and new laws based upon the founding principles of human rights and democracy be passed and ratified.

14) Land acquisition should be done in cultivable land instead the land on which industries/ institutions that have shut down should be first acquired.

15) Until internal party democracy becomes a reality, strengthening democracy in the country is not possible. If parties cannot function democratically then we should consider the option of party-less democracy.

Join us. Please register as a member of the Socialist Party (India) today (by visiting our website or send a mail to or be welcome to our office)

To support us, please make regular contributions in the name of Socialist Party (India), Allahabad Bank, Hazratganj Branch, Lucknow, Account Number: 50084256339, IFSC No.: ALLA0210062. Contact phones: 0522-2286423, 9795000546 (Pawan Singh), 9839422521 (Chunnilal)

Issued by: Dr Shuchita Kumar, Zeenat, Meera Vardhan, Munnalal, Girish Kumar Pande, Janki Prasad Gaur, Adv. Md Shoaib, Adv Tej Pratap Singh, Satish Agarwal, Adv Sahdev Singh Gautam, Suresh Vikram Singh, Hafeez Kidwai, Sharad Patel, PD Gupta, Anil Mishra, Prashant Pandey, Sudhanshu Shekhar Upadhyay, Rajesh Maurya, Devesh Patel, Bobby Ramakant, Chintamani Seth, Kuldeep Saxena and Dr Sandeep Pandey

If Socialist Party (India) wins the 2017 Vidhan Sabha elections to form the next government in UP, then it will:

Deliver the following within 1 month:

1. Implement ban on liquor immediately and effectively control addictions
2. Ensure that the corruption ends in government offices as well as extortion made by police and touts ends
3. End the category of Very Important Person (VIP) and Very VIP (VVIP). We will also end the use of red and blue beacon lights on vehicles
4. Call upon central government to make social, economic and caste-based population survey of 2011 public
5. Latest order pertaining to sale of land belonging to a Dalit will be changed back.
6. Stone and sand mining will be strictly regulated so that illegal mining comes to an end.
7. Foreign Direct Investment will be banned altogether.

Deliver the following within 1 year:

1. Implement right to property of female child to father’s property. Register wife’s name in all movable and immovable property of husband.
2. Implement public distribution system by making woman as family head and providing every family with wheat at Re 1/kg and rice at Rs 2/kg, and every individual with 14 kgs of food grains, daal and dry fruits. We will implement the scheme universally.
3. Reduce public transport fares for the women and children under 14 years of age just like it is done for senior citizens. We will increase number of vehicles driven by female drivers.
4. Create new employment opportunities for the young people and women. We will also provide employment guarantee for 100 days every year to the people in urban areas just like it is offered to those in rural areas, and to unemployed educated people from urban-rural areas. If government is unable to provide employment then it will offer respectable unemployment compensation.
5. End the tradition of manual scavenging and stop human beings from going inside sewers for cleaning purposes. Tasks that are detrimental for human health will be done by machines.
6. Ensure that the food given in schools and anganwadi is of good quality and nutritious so that malnutrition affecting half of children of this country can be eliminated. We will also make it mandatory for every religious centre to run ‘langar’ for people of all religion and caste.
7. Ensure that the minimum wage of contractual employees is Rs 18000 per month. Likewise minimum daily wage of labourers should be Rs 720 per day.
8. Ensure that the minimum support price of food grains should be at least 1.5 times of the investment made by the farmers. We will establish Farmers Commission which will decide this price. Farm labourers will get their wage from Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme so that farm labourers are ensured minimum wage at least and the burden is not on the farmers. Likewise prices of other commodities in the market will not be allowed to be more than 1.5 times of their manufacturing/ producing cost.
9. Ensure that the pension amount for widows, senior citizens and those who are physically challenged is Rs 5000 per month.
10. Implement 50% reservation in jobs and Vidhan Sabha for women. We will demand 50% reservation for women in the Parliament. Reservation policy will take into account the diversity in terms of religion and caste. We will give special attention to those who are physically challenged and transgender people.
11. Ban use of loudspeakers at all religious places and also prohibit organizing private-public programmes on roads. Efforts will be made to stop lavish weddings and no public programme will be allowed which may cause inconvenience to common people.
12. End caste-based discrimination in all educational institutions, workplaces and public places by enacting Rohith Vemula Act.
13. Allot available land in Gram Sabhas to landless farmers and families.
14. ‘Rashtriya Feri Patri Vyavsay’ policy will also be implement in Nagar Palika, Town Area.
15. Encroachment on water bodies such as ponds, rivers etc will be removed and efforts will be made to rejuvenate these water bodies.
16. Implement the recommendations of Sachar Committee.
17. Process of disbursing loans by banks will be improved so that poor people are not getting harassed and rich people as well as private companies are not allowed to manoeuver undue benefits. Loans of farmers will be waived off when necessary to prevent suicides.

Deliver the following within 5 years:

1. Take effective measures to curb violence against women and girls and transgender people in all forms.
2. Construct a toilet in every house within 5 years so that no woman has to go to defecate in the open.
3. Ensure every child goes to school. We will strictly stop child labour. We will implement Allahabad High Court order that children of those who are receiving salaries from the government and all elected representatives should compulsorily study in government schools. Likewise all those who receive salary from the government and are elected representatives, and all those dependent on them, will have to seek healthcare from government healthcare facilities only.
4. Ensure that education and healthcare is made free for everyone in government institutions. Government will take over all private educational and health institutions. We will ensure there is no shortage of teachers and healthcare providers. We will ensure that there is one small hospital in every gram panchayat and ‘mohalla’ in ubran areas.
5. Strengthen panchayat and urban local bodies by implementing 73rd and 74th amendments of our constitution.
6. Plan for meeting energy needs from renewable clean energy sources such as solar, biogas, biomass, etc.
7. support the initiative to strengthen syncretic cultural heritage by helping Mahant Yugal Kishore Shastri’s attempt to convert his temple into a Sarva-Dharma-Sadhbhav Kendra in Ayodhya. Followers of all religions, even atheists, will be welcome from around the world at this centre.
8. Judicial reforms will be initiated so that justice is delivered in time-bound manner.
9. Those people who are innocent and are in the jail since a long time, will be released.

In 2017 Vidhan Sabha elections in UP, at least half of the candidates of Socialist Party (India) will be women and elections will be contested by spending much less amount than prescribed by the election commission. If Socialist Party (India) gets to form the next government then the Chief Ministerial candidate will also be a woman and most ministries will also be headed by women.

Please come forward to support a first-ever genuine women government in UP in 2017. Please cast your vote in favour of Socialist Party (India) candidate and support them.

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