Press Statement from Justice Rajindar Sachar

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Press Statement: 02/06/2016

Justice Rajindar Sachar, Former President of People Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL) has issued the following statement:

On the eve of Prime Minister Visit to U.S.A he has to deal with an embarrassing human right situation at Home. Vadodara Municipal Corporation under its demolition drive had promised Muslims living in area of Suleiman Chawl to shift them over to next locality to a Kapurai. Locality – the scheme is under the Slums free Vadodara drive. But now owing to the resistance of some Hindus, the shifting of displaced Muslim families has been stopped. The shocking reason is given that Hindu chauvinists of Kapurai say that the relocation of Muslims will disturb the peace. I strongly condemn this dastardly communal approach.

I am of the firm opinion that under no circumstances, the relocation of displaced Muslims be delayed. Such action will be discriminatory and an open criminal action. This act on the state to which Prime Minister Modi belongs will permanently damage the prestige of the country.

Even as a short time measure it should be noted that already, an embarrassing situation has been created when P. M. arrives an U.S.A on Wednesday. The congressional Human Rights Commission announced that it would hold a hearing on the “advancement of Human Rights in India,” on June 7, the day Modi arrives in Washington. Modi addresses the congress on June 8, 2016.

I feel that immediate step should be taken to stop this communal action of Vadodara authorities and to relocate the Muslims immediately. Should not Prime Minister Modi immediately order the State Government to implement the scheme and relocate the Muslims to Kapurai, the place already selected to avoid an ugly situation which will not only spoil his position but damage his proposed visit to U.S.A.

To enhance to the discomfort of Prime Minister, verdict by Gujarat High Court in holding 24 accused of murder in Zaffri case is a grave stain difficult for Modi to wash it away, considering that he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat at that time. This is going to be highlighted when he visits U.S.A.. Should he not wash Vadodara stain of discrimination against Muslims before he leaves for U.S.A.

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