Political Resolution – National Executive meeting

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Socialist Party (India)

National Executive Meeting, Calicut (Kozhikode), Kerala

3-4 Feb. 2018

Political Resolution 

The Indian Constitution is passing through the crisis of a serious threat from the ruling establishment of the country. The present government is not only destroying the basic values of socialism, secularism and democracy embedded in the Constitution, but its leaders are also openly declaring that they are working  in the government to make changes in  the Constitution. They are openly advocating for a pro-corporate, theocratic and dictatorial India which is  against the very nature of the Constitution that  ensures a socialist, secular and democratic India. It is not only the Muslim minority but the right to life and dignity of other minorities and vulnerable sections of the society such as Dalits, Adivasis, women too is under threat. Those who oppose this anti-constitutional design of the government are killed in broad day light and no action is taken against killers.

The Modi government is  promoting the  private sector at the cost of public sector and diluting the labour laws in favour of industrialists. The Government is determined to dismantle public Sector, the  basic  anchor for a socialist  society. The centralisation of power in the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) is another example of ignoring the  constitutional spirit of democracy and decentralisation. Now this government is promoting the ‘one country one election’ campaign. This idea is against the federal and democratic spirit of the Constitution.

In such a challenging situation every Indian citizen who believes in the propriety of the Constitution must give a serious thought to the dangerous developments taking place in the country.   

The Socialist Party condemns this unconstitutional, inhuman and undemocratic   attitude of the government in strongest terms. The Socialist Party demands that  the government should make efforts – 

To withdraw the decisions of FDI in retail and in defense sectors immediately.

To withdraw all decisions related to the handing over of  the PSUs to the private sector.

To withdraw all decisions pertaining to labour laws which dilute the rights of labour class.

To ensure that government jobs will not be reduced, scrapped or made contractual. All vacant government jobs/posts should be filled up by the government without delay.

To stop privatisation/commercialisation of education.

To introduce common school system with the medium of mother tongues.

To ensure profitable price (at least one and half time of the present Minimum Support Price) for the agricultural produces.

To waive all loans given to farmers/fishermen/artisans.

To stop privatisation/commercialisation of health services.

To stop any election funding by the corporate sector even in the guise of separate electoral trusts formed by corporate houses.

To revive the Women Reservation Bill in the State Legislatures and the Parliament.

To disclose in public the names of the big defaulters of Public Sector Banks, the total amount being more than 8 lakh crores.

To disclose the names of all Swiss Banks and other tax  evading account holders without delay and to bring back the black money, as promised by Narendra Modi in his election campaign.   

To introduce a minimum of 30% Income Tax on the higher incomes groups including that on the  Corporate Sector.

To introduce Inheritance Tax, to reduce gross inequality in the Society.   

With these immediate demands, the Socialist Party appeals to the citizens of India, particularly to the youth, and to all the political parties to come together to protect the Constitution of India in order to built a self-reliant, prosperous and civilised nation.

Thus Stands the Socialist Party

Upholding Brotherhood and Equality


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