There are two types of membership: Primary and Active.

a) Primary Member: Any Indian citizen having attained age of eighteen
years and subscribing to the objectives of the Party may become a
primary member of the Party by paying Rs. 10 as membership fee for two
years. After two years, membership will have to be renewed. Membership
year will start from 1st April.

b) Active Member: A primary member of the Party can become Active
member after approval of the State committee on recommendation of the
respective district committee which will verify the conduct of the
person for one year, and his political and personal behavior and
commitment to democratic socialism, the financial contribution given
or collected by him, his participation in agitations, meetings and
readiness to sacrifice for the party. He should follow party
discipline and code of conduct prepare by the Party. He has to
contribute 5% of his income to the party funds regularly. He should
enroll at least 20 primary members of the party one-third of whom must
be female.

6 Responses to “MEMBERSHIP”

  1. please enroll me as the primary member of the party                   
    Thanking you,
    Shivkumar Pandey,


  2. मै आपके साथ चल कर,
    अपने सण्डीला शहर में मची लूट भ्रष्टाचार को खत्म करने का कार्य करूगाँ ,


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