Open Representation to Members of Ethics Committee of 17th Lok Sabha, on Lies Told by the PM, Home Minister and MoS Home

To 14 Members of Ethics Committee of 17th Lok Sabha:

Sonkar, Shri Vinod Kumar BJP

Bhamre, Dr. Subhash Ramrao, BJP

Duggal, Smt. Sunita, BJP

Godse, Shri Hemant Tukaram , Shiv Sena

Kaur, Smt. Preneet , INC

Kunwar Danish Ali, BSP

Natarajan, Shri P.R. , CPI(M)

Roy, Dr. Rajdeep , BJP

Sarangi, Smt. Aparajita , BJP

Saraswati, Shri Sumedhanand , BJP

Sharma, Shri Vishnu Dutt , BJP

Vallabbhaneni, Shri Balashowry , YSR Congress party

Ve., Shri Vaithilingam , INC

Yadav, Shri Giridhari, JD(U)

(one member vacant) 

Dear Members of Ethics Committee of 17th Lok Sabha, 

Sub:  Lies told by Prime Minister of India, Home Minister of India, Minister of State for Home; 

1. The Speaker 13th Lok Sabha (Late Shri G.M.C. Balayogi) constituted the first Ethics Committee in Lok Sabha on 16 May, 2000 with the following terms of reference namely:

(a) to oversee the moral and ethical conduct of the Members; and

(b) to examine the cases referred to it with reference to ethical and other misconduct of the Members. 

We urge you to peruse our below complaint in the interest of India, Indians and Constitution of India: Facts vs Lies regarding NRC-NPR-Detention Centers between Prime Minister of India and Home Minister of India and Minister of State in Parliament: 

a)  Prime Minister and Home Minister have given contradictory statements regarding having ever discussed NRC and Detention Centers since 2014. To nullify the falsity of negation of Prime Minister, the Home Minister has falsely concurred with Prime Minister. Now, their joint negation on detention centers and on nation wide conduct of NRC, is in contradiction to the Statements given by their ministers in Parliament in reply to questions by Member of Parliaments, since 2014 till date. According to the answer provided by the Minister of State for Home Affairs, G Kishan Reddy, on the subject, “The Model Detention Centre Manual, inter-alia, prescribes the amenities to be provided in the Detention Centres to maintain standards of living in consonance with human dignity including electricity with generator, drinking water, hygiene, accommodation with beds, sufficient toilets/baths with provisions of running water, communication and medical facilities, provisions for kitchen and recreational facilities.” Further, according to press, three detention centres exist even in Ahmedabad, off Sarkhej area. Here, those identified as Bangladeshis are randomly picked up for interrogation and kept for around three weeks. As per NDTV fact finding as many as eight times it was discussed by Ministers in the Parliament, not to mention, numerous times that Home Minister has mentioned in public during election campaigns and later in his constitutional capacity. Most glaringly it has been mentioned in their election manifesto which was again asserted by Home Minister in his interview of 24 december, 2019.

b) Denial of Act and Parliamentary Replies by Minister of State for Home Affairs:  Even as Minister of State for Home is trying to delink NPR with NRC, the Citizenship Rules 2003 belie his statements: Rule 4(3) of Citizenship (Registration of Citizens and Issue of National Identity Card) Rules 2003 state that ‘For the purposes of preparation and inclusion in the Local Register of Indian Citizens, the particulars collected of every family and individual in the Population Register shall be verified and scrutinized by the Local Registrar, who may be assisted by one or more persons as specified by the Registrar General of Citizen Registration.’ Further his predecessor, states on 23 july 2014 in reply to starred question in Rajya Sabha as follows; ‘….The government has now decided to create the National Register of Indian Citizens based on information collected uner the scheme of National Population Register by verifying the citizenship status of all individuals in the country.’ 

PFA links below substantiating the complaint: 2019/12/what-about-religious- persecution-among.html MHA1/Par2017/pdfs/par2019- pdfs/rs-24072019/3551.pdf Par2017/pdfs/par2019-pdfs/rs- 10072019/1943.pdf assam-karnataka-detention- centre-foreigners-deportation 

This past January 9, the MHA had also circulated “consolidated instructions on the subject” along with a “model detention centre/holding centre manual”(vide MHA letter no.25022/32/2014-F-1 (Vol.1.II) to all the state and UT administrations. Detention-Centres-India-MHA- Modi-Government 

https://www.telegraphindia. com/india/detention-centre-manual/cid/1729782 

2. As it is mentioned in Ethics Committee Manual at 316C. (1) that ‘On a matter being referred to the Committee, a preliminary inquiry shall be conducted by the Committee.’ we urge you to inquire into our complaint and place report before the House of Parliament as an urgent. ‘Priority for consideration of report by House 316F. A motion that the report of the Committee be taken into consideration shall be put down in the list of business after disposal of questions.” We hope members of Ethics Committee discharge their duty without fear or favour for the purpose for which the Committee is constituted viz.,(a) to oversee the moral and ethical conduct of the Members; and (b) to examine the cases referred to it with reference to ethical and other misconduct of the Members. We write this to you as it is out duty towards our country India, our fellow-Indians and towards safeguarding Constitution of India.  If there is any question from the Ethics Committee we shall coordinate with you and furnish our replies. We trust your earliest response by taking up this complaint. 

Thanks & Regards,

UNITED INDIA ACTION COMMITTEE ( a movement of political parties and organizations/individuals)

Magsaysay Award Winner Prof Sandeep Pandey, National Vice President, Socialist Party(India);

Justice Chandra Kumar, President, Telangana Prajala Party;

Dr Lubna Sarwath, State General Secretary, Socialist Party(India);

Maqbool Mateen, National President-UCF – United Citizens’ Forum );

Ashraf, Joint secretary UCF;

Deverakonda Nagaraj, President, Legally Bonded Party;

Pawan Yadav, Khudai Khidmatgar;

Rasheed, Khudai Khidmatgar;

Dr samiullah Khan – Director Ayaan Medical College;

Ayub Mohammed . Indian Nationalist Movement;

Abhijit- Teach for India;

Avinash ( Teach for India) ;

Bahadur Srinivas, President Ambekar Party;

Mannaram Nagendar, Telangana Lok Satta;

Parveen desetty. Academic Councilor. ;

Dr Asif Haneef;

Shiba, Journalist;

Indra Rani – research and scholar;

Prof Parveen Sultana, Psychologist;

Dr Jasveen Jairath, Activist;

Sogra Begum, President, Votes Needs Guarantee Organization

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