Letter to Shri Uddhavrao Thackeray: CAA a Clear Violation of Article 14 of Constitution

Shri Uddhavrao Thackeray

Chief Minister,

Maharashtra State Mantralaya,


Dear Sir,

It is good that you met Shri, Narendra Modi, Prime Minister and talked about the problems of our State. After that meeting, as per the news reports, while talking to the press, you said that it is not necessary to worry about CAA because it is about granting citizenship. I beg to differ and wish to draw your kind attention towards the fact that the CAA provides for granting citizenship only to those illegal migrants who belong to Hindu, Boudha, Jain, Sikh, Parsi or Christian religions thereby excluding those belonging to other religions from being granted Indian citizenship. This is in clear violation of the provision of Article 14 of our constitution which says the law treats all persons equally and there cannot be any discrimination on the basis of religion, This negative aspect of CAA is worrying innumerable people in the country. There is genuine apprehension because during the procedure about identifying illegal migrants, many citizens belonging to religions other than the six mentioned in the CAA and who would not be able to provide documents about the birthplace and date of birth of their parents will be debarred from Indian citizenship. To dispel their apprehension I request you to please correct your statement as quoted in the press and oblige.

With regards. Yours sincerely,

Pannalal Surana
Socialist Party (India)

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