Letter to CJ of Hyderabad High Court on Lakes Under GHMC Jurisdiction

Hyderabad, 21 January 2019


The  Chief Justice

High Court at Hyderabad

Dear Chief Justice ji,

Malkam Cheruvu for which I am petitioner, begged for its home, that is to stay in its FTL boundary. But all evidence of Malkam Cheruvu encroachment by Aparna construction were ignored by this court, though admitted by GHMC themselves and the lake is being played around with by Aparna construction manufacturing land out of the lake. 

Three judges presided over this lake’s shrink, stink and constricted holding capacity. The lake is turning into a small aquarium.

All lakes are under multiple governances in Hyderabad. HMDA, GHMC-, TSPCB, Collector, MRO, lake police, officials, MP, MLA, all are members of lake protection committee and WALTA authorities. Why is GHMC Commissioner alone being held responsible for a joint crime of water bodies’ deaths?

What about the numerous representations that we have emailed to Telangana legal services authority at the official ID for which chief justice is the chief patron? We haven’t got a single response to date.

Authorities and MLA MP have also been encouraging ‘NGOs’ by giving public funds in the name of handling lakes.  Multiple funding has happened on Neknampur lake. 

Bum Rukn-ud-Dowla lake for which I am petitioner is captured and plotted. In spite of lake being sub-judice, construction inside FTL is ongoing.  Maud secretary and Hyderabad MP visited the lake in June 2019 and the illegality continues.

I am petitioner for saving Hussain Sagar. The hearing is tomorrow in the Green Tribunal. We surveyed the lake on 19 January, Sunday. The situation is pathetic. Blatant full-fledged encroachment in FTL near Kukatpally inflow channel and multiple places is ongoing. 

Naya Qila Talab is thoroughly captured by golf course by laying tees ramp and STP inside the lake. Inflow and outflow channels that flow by gravity and nourish the Qutub Shahi Bagh inside Naya Quila beg for survival.  Alas, the NQ Talab case never reaches hearing on any Friday. And the Talab is but a tool for the elite to suit its pleasure.

We have a dossier of scores of our petitions on various lakes with detailed geotagged field and digital evidence.

From a Shahi Shahar with abundant pure water we are now brought down on our knees to be dependent on water being sourced from 200 km away. And it is being bragged about as an achievement by the government.

Rainwater is not impounded into water bodies. Wastewater is allowed to proliferate through pipes into water bodies. The runoff makes our ground and lakes dry.  Sewage, industry/pharma waste, garbage and debris all find a home in water bodies. So that the lake becomes land, much to the delight of money spinners and power swingers.  

How can I not hold the judiciary also responsible for lacs of my fellow citizens not getting the basic WHO standard of 135 litres of water per person per day?

PFA picture of survey dated 7 January 2020 in Puppulguda of illegal construction by Phoenix right in front of inflow channel culvert of Mamasani Kunta fully in the knowledge of TSIIC, HMDA, MRO, collector, irrigation officials. So who should be resigning and who would nurse Mamasani Kunta back to life?  Our repeated representations to TSLSA have gone in vain.

However, I continue to place before you my time and services in public interest. I now urge you to set up a water bodies’ friendly and participative body called LONG LIVE LAKES to handle and restore water bodies including their hydrology.  I am willing to chair this body and save these lifelines. As my work is ongoing, I can start working as chair of LONG LIVE LAKES as soon as your consent is given.


Dr Lubna Sarwath



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