Letter to Chief Justice, Hyderabad: Moosi Nadi Further Polluted and Encroached Over the Past 6 Years


The Chief Justice

High Court at Hyderabad

Bank of Moosi Nadi


a) We urge your august office to take urgent cognizance of our representation and direct the government of Telangana to immediately stop the ongoing landfill at 17°22’57.38″N, 78°29’55.08″E and proceed against the officials and public representatives of the area for dereliction of duty and wilful omissions and commissions against their bounden duty to protect the Moosi Nadi.

They are in contempt of Supreme Court orders. As per the Supreme Court orders from time to time on Article 21 of right to life and dignity, and of change of land use in water zone, this can never be done. In Hinch Lal Tiwari vs Kamala Devi And Ors on 25 July 2001 Bench: Syed Shah Quadri, S.N. Phukan in Appeal (civil) 4787 of 2001, the Supreme Court said:

‘The Government, including the Revenue Authorities (i.e. Respondents 11 to 13) having noticed that a pond is falling in disuse, should have bestowed their attention to develop the same which would, on one hand, have prevented ecological disaster and on the other provided better environment for the benefit of the public at large. Such vigil is the best protection against knavish attempts to seek allotment in non-abadi sites.’

‘Further, it will also help in maintaining ecological balance and protecting the environment in regard to which this Court has repeatedly expressed its concern. Such measures must begin at the grass-root level if they were to become the nation’s pride.’

b) Toxic inflows into the Moosi Nadi from the north and south of the city.

Satellite imagery of Moosi Nadi showing the toxic inflows from north and south of the city that increase each day.

c) Digital Survey Through Google Earth Historical Satellite Imagery

The river has been further polluted and encroached over the past 6 years.

At  17°22’57.38″N  78°29’55.08″E ongoing land manufacture in the riverbed near Shankar Nagar

Satellite Imagery of 12th May 2014
Satellite Imagery of 8th November 2016
Satellite Imagery of 30th December 2018
Satellite Imagery of 8th April 2019

d) Field survey of Moosi Nadi at location of ongoing land manufacture in the riverbed at  17°22’57.38″N  78°29’55.08″E

Below are geotagged images from the location:

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

e) Prayer to Chief Justice, High Court at Hyderabad

  1. Direct Telangana State Walta Authority to evict the encroachments identified above immediately. Submit an action plan to restore Moosi Nadi in its full aesthetic glory and public utility, as per the Supreme Court order cited at (a) above.
  2. Moosi River Development Corporation should give a report on Moosi Nadi done so far. Justify their existence for the restoration of Moosi Nadi.


Lubna, Jasveen, Chakri, Balaswamy, Ishtiyaq


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