Kuldip Nayar passes away: A burning torch in the darkness has gone out

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23 August 2018
Press Release

Kuldip Nayar passes away: A burning torch in the darkness has gone out

Kuldip Nayar was one of the strongest symbols of trust in the Indian civil society. He was among the few persons who could not compromise on basic constitutional and human values even in front of biggest troubles or temptations. His demise is to extinguish a burning torch in today’s dark phase for the Indian society and polity.

At the time of the re-establishment of the Socialist Party in 2011 Kuldip Nayar stated that this is the toughest period in the Indian politics after the independence. If the party is revived then do not close it for the sake of future India. He was a special invitee to the National Executive of the Socialist Party since its re-establishment. He used to attend most of the meetings, conferences, conventions and programs of the party and would give his views and suggestions. He was agreed with the socialist party’s belief that secularism and democracy cannot be saved after abandoning the socialist goal of the Constitution for neo-liberal policies.

Kuldip Nayar’s demise is an irreparable loss to the Socialist Party. The Socialist Party offers humble tributes and the last salute to its special member and guide.

Dr. Prem Singh

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