First National Convention of Socialist Yuvjan Sabha

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Socialist Yuvjan Sabha (SYS) held its first National Convention on 18th December 2011, Sunday, at Sardar Shahid Bhagat Singh Nagar, Sane Guruji Smarak, Pune. SYS is a national youth front of Socialist Party (India).It was announced on 21st Aug.2011 at the meeting of national executive council of SPI. Founder National Chief of Arogya Sena Dr. Abhijit Vaidya, a cardiologist by profession, was entrusted the responsibility to lead SYS. A national executive council of four members Dr.Neeraj, Prof. Niranjan Mahato, Dr.Hemlata and George Jacob was also announced in the same meeting. After this Dr. Vaidya visited Bihar, UP, J & K and was also in touch with members of the national and state councils of SPI from 12 states. Within few months of foundation ad hoc committees of Delhi, Bihar and Maharashtra states along with Pune – PCMC city units were established. To expedite the process national president of SPI respected Bhai Vaidya suggested that SYS should hold a national convention. And thus this convention was held at Pune.

This national convention was attended by around 300 Socialist Youth from 9 states viz. Maharashtra , Delhi , Bihar , Kerala , Gujarat , UP , Karnataka , West Bengal and  Jammu . Within Maharashtra State youths had come from around 9 districts. The convention venue was named after Sardar Shahid Bhagatsing. The convention started with powada sung by Shahir Chitre supported by dholaki by TV star Ms Kshirsagar  and ‘Yuva Geet’ sung by famous TV star Jasraj and colleagues. Dr.Nitin Ketkar, chairman of the reception committee, welcomed and thanked all and elaborated the purpose of the convention. After this, publication of ‘Appeal to Youths’ written by Dr.Abhijit Vaidya in 3 languages Hindi, Marathi and English was done at the hands of Dr.Premsing , General Secretary , SPI and Jayantibhai Panchal, Treasurer, SPI . After this Rashmi Vaidya, vice president, Pune SYS read messages sent by SPI national president Bhai Vaidyaji and parliamentary board chairman Pannalalji Surana. Prof. Neeranjan Mahato and George Jacob expressed their thoughts regarding strengthening of SYS.

In his address Jayantibhai Panchal said, “Socialist Party is the need of time and youth wing is the need of the party. SYS deserves hearty congratulations for holding such a successful gathering of dynamic youths within 4 months of its foundation. This convention will convey the message to our country that young socialists are ready to take up the challenges posed by globalization, capitalism and fundamentalism.”

Dr. Prem Singh in his address as the chief guest said, “India has a large population of youths. This youth power lacks definite political direction and SYS can fill this vacuum. SYS will have to study the past of the socialist movement in India but find new avenues for spreading socialism and must involve women power. Socialists in India leaded various people’s movements, thousands of socialists were in the jail during freedom struggle and as well as many post freedom struggles. Younger generation of socialists must maintain this tradition of going to jails for the people of India. Youths of SYS also should conduct extensive study camps on various issues.”

Dr.Abhijit Vaidya in his presidential address said, “Future leadership of SPI and also our country will emerge from SYS. Indian socialism has a very glorious tradition but unfortunately this tradition was pushed to oblivion for few decades. SPI has revived this tradition and entrusted the responsibility to SYS of carrying it in the future. For this we must connect ourselves with ideology of Gandhi and Ambedkar along with science. Our country is facing challenges of globalization, privatization, consumerism, cast system, fundamentalism, rising poverty, collapse of public welfare, industrialization of education, atrocities against women and backward, corruption. Farmers are committing suicides. We require Mahatma Phule’s Farmer’s Whip even today. Privatization of education has created 21st century cast system which is an indirect effort to nullify Dr Ambedkar’s Annihilation of Caste. Privatization of health has encouraged five star medical tourism. IT sector and BPO’s has created 21st century slavery. On the other side unemployment is rising since banks have no funds for self employed youths though they have enough money for people like Vijay Mallya who declares bankruptcy in King Fisher airlines on one side and continues his liquor empire on the other side. Young generation of farmers wants to quit farming. To change all this we need to have a political revolution best on socialism. Present political system has crushed dreams of today’s youth about Balashali Bharat. We need to change this political system to achieve our dreams and for this youths must join politics. Many forces are cultivating hatred against politics in the minds of young generation. But politics is never dirty it becomes dirty because of dirty people entering in to it. SYS will try its best to change this trend. Jasmine revolution started in Tunisia against dictatorial regime, is responsible for Arab Spring across  the Arab World and Occupy Wall Street movement started against capitalistic economy across the world are a kind of non violent revolutions spearheaded by mainly youth. The language used by these youths is nothing but language of democratic socialism. The main inspiration for OWC movement came from economist Josef Stiglitz’ article ‘Of the 1%, for the 1% and by the 1%’ But any political revolution without proper leadership and without political ideology will eventually lead to anarchy. Here we all must study Dr Ambedkar’s famous speech Grammer of Anarchy. There is always a danger of fundamental elements taking advantage of this kind of political turmoil like Muslim Brotherhood has taken in Egypt.  Some forces in our country are trying to push our country also in the same direction in the pretext of anti corruption sentiments.  Corrupt Congress has to go but this should not make way for BJP like parties. Socialist Party only can give third alternative in this situation. ”

The post-lunch session started with Kranti ke Geet, Samuh geetgan conducted by Rashtra Seva Dal sainik Baba Nadaf. In the afternoon SYS published 10 point youth manifesto in three languages which was read by Rashmi Vaidya. The points covered in the manifesto are:

1. Oppose globalization, environmental destruction, support sustainable development

2.Free, equal and quality education for all and oppose foreign universities


4. Support farmers, unorganized laborers, encourage young farmers, abolish child labor

5. Secularism

6. Abolition of castes, encourage inter caste marriages

7. Eradication of corruption, oath not to take and give bribe

8. Women’s equality, dignity and empowerment

9. Non violence

10. Constructive work

 Representative and guests from various states expressed their views on this manifesto. Amongst the prominent speakers who spoke were George Jacob (Kerala), Prof. Mahato (Delhi), Ashwin Kumar (Delhi), Tarun Bannerji (W.Bengal), Pradeep (Kerala), Dinesh Pawar (Karnataka), Ranjit Mandl (Bihar), Ranjeet Thakare and Manoj Mane (Maharashtra). All the members decided to take up the responsibility of establishing SYS in their own states.

Prof Pramod Dalvi, General Secretary, SYS Maharashtra conducted compeering. Other dignitaries present on the dais were Sacchidanand Sing, member national executive, SPI; Varsha Gupte, Secretary, Maharashtra, SPI, Adv Sudhir Nirpharake, president, Pune SPI. The programme was concluded with the national anthem.

A team of around 50 volunteers, to name a few Mundada, Ajgaonkar, Benuskar, Katti, Sonavane, Bahirat, Runwal, Bhandari, Hagavane, Nihar etc of SYS, worked relentlessly for a month to make this convention a grand success.

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