Dr. Lubna Sarwath files her nomonation from Karwan Assembly constituency Huderabad

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Hyderabad 19 november 2018


With authorization of National President Dr Prem Singh, we have approved and nominated Dr Lubna Sarwath, as Socialist Party(India) candidate to contest for General Elections to Telangana State Legislative Assembly 2018 from Karwan Assembly Constituency, Hyderabad district.

She has filed her nomination papers today at office of Returning Officer, 64- Karwan Assembly Constituency, Hyderabad District at 11.10AM. She took oath as required by the constitution of India before the RO, that she ‘will bear true faith and allegiance to the constitution of India as by law established and that she will uphold the sovereignty and integrity of India.’

Socialist Party(India) is a national registered party but not recognized party. Hence election symbol will be allotted within a day or two as assured by RO and we shall release it immediately. Below is picture of candidate as would appear on the EVM alongside the Election symbol.

We look forward to the elections being conducted in a fair and free manner with purified and authenticated electoral rolls. It is out of due respect to the democratic process of elections we are fielding a candidate in spite of numerous voters being left out and electoral rolls not purified and authenticated.

In this connection, the previous representation as submitted by then MP Hyderabad Lok sabha candidate Dr Lubna sarwath regarding the vitiation of polling conducted in Hyderabad MP constituency must be taken into congnizance now pending for 4 and half years.

Bandari Baburao, State President,

Gopal Patangay, State Vice-President & Treasurer,

Socialist Party(India)-Telangana

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