China’s ‘long leap’ towards corporate capitalism

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12 March 2018

Press Release

China’s long leap’ towards corporate capitalism

In Socialist Party’ view, the ruling of National People’s Congress (NPC) which clears the way for China’s president Xi Jinping to serve the country as president indefinitely, is a major victory of corporate capitalism. The National People’s Congress yesterday approved the amendment to this effect in the constitution of China with an absolute majority. This proposal of the constitutional amendment was floated by the Communist Party of China (CPC). President Xi Ping is the General Secretary of CPC for an indefinite period. He is also the Chairman of the Central Military Commission (CMC), whose order is followed by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China. This decision taken by the Chinese authorities is not about the violation of democratic values ​​or institutions. There is a totalitarian regime in China and, this is a known fact, that the National People’s Congress is a rubber stamp to make the desires of the powerful leaders of the CPC constitutional.

The Socialist Party believes that with this decision, the ruling class of China has made a ‘long leap’ towards corporate capitalism. The terms such as ‘Market Socialism’ or ‘Socialism with Chinese characteristics’, coined by China’s leaders, are misleading. These are fabricated outside of the real concept and principles of socialism, and within the laboratory of corporate capitalism. The ‘socialism’ of China’s ruling class is an integral part of corporate capitalism and Xi Ping is its most powerful pillar in the Communist Party of China.

Indeed, the corporate world has started creating its own leaders to keep its loot and profiteering intact and permanent. Donald Trump in America, Vladimir Putin in Russia, Xi Ping in China, Narendra Modi in India are major names among leaders created by the corporate capitalist establishment. This is the greatest challenge thrown before the democratic socialist ideology and movement by the corporate establishment.

Dr. Prem Singh


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