BJP and AAP Should Jointly Form Government to Avoid Horse-Trading

by Prem Singh After speculations of over four months the official initiative has been taken towards formation of government in Delhi. Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung has written to the President Pranab Mukherjee seeking his permission to give a chance to the largest party in the Legislative Assembly to form the government. The President immediately sent […]

भाजपा और आप मिल कर बनाएं दिल्ली में सरकार

प्रेम सिंह पिछले करीब चार महीने की अटकलों के बाद दिल्ली में सरकार गठन की दिशा में आधिकारिक पहल हो गई है। उपराज्यपाल नजीब जंग ने राष्ट्रपति प्रणब मुखर्जी से सबसे बड़े दल को सरकार बनाने का मौका देने की अनुमति मांगी है। राष्ट्रपति ने उपराज्यपाल का अनुरोध तत्काल गृहमंत्रालय को भेज दिया। विधानसभा में […]

The Alternative Could be More Devastating

by Sandeep Pandey Narendra Modi has declared in his maiden Independence Day speech that the Planning Commission will be scrapped and replaced by a Reform and Solutions Commission based on the recommendation of an Independent Evaluation Office (IEO). The report was placed before Narendra Modi soon after he took over as PM. It suited Modi […]

स्वतंत्रता दिवस के कर्तव्य

प्रेम सिंह आत्मालोचन का दिन पिछले स्वतंत्रता दिवस के ‘समय संवाद’ और उसके आगे-पीछे हमने जो लिखा, इस स्वतंत्रता दिवस पर उससे अलग कुछ कहने के लिए नहीं है। कहना एक ही बार ठीक रहता है। भले ही वह स्वतंत्रता जैसे मानव जीवन और मानव सभ्यता के संभवतः सर्वोपरि मूल्य के बारे में हो। दोहराव […]

Open Loot of Public Money

by Sandeep Pandey It is believed that over 2.5 lakh farmers in India have committed suicide over the last two decades since neo-liberal economic policies have been implemented. In other words as the dependence of Indian farmer has increased on market, he is finding it difficult to repay loans taken to buy various farm inputs […]

Dominance of Private Corporate Sector – Unacceptable under the Constitution

by Rajindar Sachar Now that the high sounding praise by Corporate Sector of Modi Governments maiden budget is less noisy, it is time to look at it impartially. The insidious pro rich Bullet Train, Project is an open declaration of anti labour, anti rural bias in the context of about 60% of rural areas being […]

Relevance of Khudai Khidmatgar Today

by Sandeep Pandey It would seem improbable today but in the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan, which is centre of continued violence today dominated by Taliban, there existed an organisation dedicated to non-violence called Khudai Khidmatgar not very long back. The person who founded this was called Frontier Gandhi – Khand Abdul Gaffar Khan […]

India Must Take a Stand on Palestine

by Sandeep Pandey There was a time when Yasser Arafat was as popular in India as any of its own leaders. The Palestine cause was the Indian cause. The Indian passport prevented its citizens from going to Israel (and South Africa). India didn’t consider Israel a legitimate state. Israel is probably the only country in […]