Calling Political Parties

24 July 2016, Sunday, Gandhi Bhawan, Lucknow – various political parties invited On 18th August, 2015 the High Court at Allahabad had instructed the Uttar Pradesh Government to implement within six months an order making it compulsory for all persons receiving benefit from the government, people’s representatives and judges to send their children to government […]

सोशलिस्ट पार्टी (इण्डिया) के सिद्धांत

सोशलिस्ट पार्टी (इण्डिया) के सिद्धांत 1. सभी इंसान बराबर हैं। जाति, धर्म, लिंग, राष्ट्रीयता, संस्कृति, उम्र, काबिलियत, इत्यादि, मानव निर्मित श्रेणियां हैं एवं इनके आधार पर बंटवारा या भेदभाव गलत है। सोशलिस्ट पार्टी (इण्डिया) का प्रमुख उद्देश्य सभी किस्म की गैर-बराबरियों को दूर कर समाज व इंसानों के बीच न्याय स्थापित करना है। 2. सभी […]

Principles of Socialist Party (INDIA)

Principles of Socialist Party (INDIA) 1) All human beings are equal. Discrimination and divisions based on caste, religion, gender, nationality, ethnicity, age, qualification etc. are human created concepts. Socialist Party (India) considers elimination of inequality and prevailing of a sense of justice in society, among human beings as its main objective. 2) All human beings […]

Appeal to Help an 8-year-old Child

Arjun Lal s/o Kishori, mobile no. 7080085794, has to undergo a surgery for removing tumour from his stomach at the King George’s Medical Univeristy, Lucknow. The cost of this operation is Rs. 20,000. Kishori is a stone-cutter belonging to Scheduled Caste and is not in a position to afford this expenditure. He has been turned […]

Appeal to Help Rehabilitate Evicted Slum Families in Lucknow

Dear Friends, The people living in Vibhuti Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow (opposite Bhavishya Nidhi Bhawan office) slum will be evacuated soon as CM, UP has to lay foundation stone of a building here on 29/10. They’ll need the amounts mentioned in following mail urgently to move into government housing. There are 165 families in this […]