Message to India’s Young People.

Dear Yuva Saathi, Our country is going through a very dark phase. None of the present political parties have willpower and vision to change this. The Congress government has imposed Market Smriti on our country and BJP is dreaming to impose Manusmriti through Modi. The only ray of hope is today’s youth, intelligent, dynamic, daring […]

Axing Norms for FDI in Retail a Total Sell-Out to Global Multi-Brand Retail Companies.

By axing the laid down norms carved out to protect the interests of the retail traders the UPA government has thrown open the Indian retail sector to the loot for the global multi-brand retail companies. The Socialist Party strongly opposes the decision and appeals the opposition parties, including the prime opposition party BJP, to protest […]

We Welcome Telangana, But With a Word of Caution.

The Socialist Party welcomes the formation of Telngana state and congratulates its people. The party believes that there has been a geographical, cultural, political, economic and administrative justification behind the demand for separate Telangana state. It has been a demand based on peoples’ genuine will. The people of Telangana region made a long struggle for […]

Peoples’ Concerns Versus Preoccupations of the Ruling Class: Towards a Viable Political Strategy.

by SP Shukla What are the issues of critical significance for the people and what is the preoccupation of the ruling classes, (which includes not only the ruling party and its allies and adherents but also the main official opposition, its supporters and the whole lot of beneficiaries of the present order, including large sections of […]

Formation of Bihar Unit of the Socialist Party

A meeting of members of the Socialist Party held in Patna on 10-11 March 2013 to form the Bihar unit of the Socialist Party. After due deliberations, Dr. Sushil Kumar was nominated as the president, Ranjeet Mandal as the senior vice president, Dr. Bhanu Udayan as the general secretary and Ashok Kumar Thakur as the […]

First National Convention of Socialist Yuvjan Sabha

Socialist Yuvjan Sabha (SYS) held its first National Convention on 18th December 2011, Sunday, at Sardar Shahid Bhagat Singh Nagar, Sane Guruji Smarak, Pune. SYS is a national youth front of Socialist Party (India).It was announced on 21st Aug.2011 at the meeting of national executive council of SPI. Founder National Chief of Arogya Sena Dr. Abhijit Vaidya, […]

Report on Progress of SYS.

Respected Chairperson and Sathi, As you all are aware that formation of Socialist Yuvjan Sabha (SYS) as a youth front of Socialist Party (India), was announced at a meeting of National Council of SPI which was held at New Delhi on 21st August 2011. I was entrusted the responsibility to lead SYS. Neeraj Singh,Niranjan Mahato, […]