Braj Sadbhavna Yatra 2014: Ayodhya to Bareilly

1-8 June 2014 Peace and communal harmony should reign everywhere. All human beings should co-exist with mutual love and trust over each other. Seeds of hatred and divisiveness should not be allowed to take roots. With these intentions, human rights activist Sant Yugal Kishore Shastri is again taking out a peace mission (Braj Sadbhavna Yatra) […]

Who Was Behind Akshardham Temple Attack?

by Sandeep Pandey On May 16, 2014 when the entire country was riveted to TV watching Modi’s landslide victory, the Supreme Court was reprimanding the Gujarat police for shoddy investigation. The bench comprising of Justice A.K. Patnaik and Justice Venkate Gopala Gowda said, ‘We intend to express our anguish about the incompetence with which the […]

Defeat of Neo-liberalism Will be the True Tribute to Sunil

by Prem Singh Sathi Sunil is no more. He had a sudden brain hemorrhage and lost consciousness. After four days of struggling with death in that condition, he eventually passed away on the 21st of April 2014. For years Sunil had been wanting to travel the country to raise awareness among people about socialism. This […]

Electoral System Biased Against Smaller Parties

by Sandeep Pandey Anil Mishra is a candidate of Socalist Party (India) from Unnao in U.P. On 12 April, 2014 he sought permission of Election Officer of District Unnao to take out a bicycle rally with about a hundred people on 23 April from his village Khan Peer Ali Nevada to Auras town area. The […]

Implications of Foreign Funds Received by Congress and BJP

by Sandeep Pandey In the context of movement against the Kudankulum nuclear power plant the PM had himself directly accused the movement of receiving foreign funds implying thereby that there were some foreign powers who were not interested in seeing development in India and therefore sponsored anti-development movements. Realty was that the office of the […]

Justice Sachar Not Party to the AAP Team Heading to Varanasi

The Hindu (12 April 2014), on its front page, has published a news story ‘‘Aam Admi Party plans to ‘do a Delhi’ in Varanasi’’ pasting photo of Justice Rajindar Sachar as a member of the team that plans to go to Varanasi in support of Arvind Kejriwal. In this connection the Socialist Party would like […]

The Meaning of Slapping Arvind Kejriwal

by Sandeep Pandey Several incidents of ink throwing at or trying to punch or slap Arvind Kejriwal have occurred now. It appears that some people, mostly from his own movement and party, are angry at him and are giving vent to their frustration in this manner. However, is Arvind Kejriwal the only leader with whom […]

Appeal for Justice for Prashant Rahi and His Co-Accused.

We, The Students of IIT-BHU were deeply shocked by the conspired and vindictive arrest of Prashant Rahi, our alumnus, a social activist and journalist by police and the State. The brutal torture and devious treatment done to Prashant Rahi was in gross violation of human rights and dignity. Whats more saddening is that it is […]

सु. मिश्रिख लोक सभा क्षेत्र के मतदाताओं से एक विनम्र अपील

- हरिनाम गौतम प्रिय भाई एवं बहनांे, आप लोगों ने जिन्हें सांसद, विधायक चुनकर भेजा उन्होंने क्या किया? अपनी कोठी, बंगला, कार, प्लाट, गैस ऐजेन्सी, ईंट भट्ठा, पेट्रोल पम्प, आदि, बनवाने लगे। जनता की तरफ मुड़ कर भी नहीं देखा और अरबपति बन गये। जनता के लिए क्या किया? 1. छीना झपटी लूटपाट चारों ओर […]